Poble Nou acoustic diffuser

To improve acoustic space, one of the possible strategies is to look into breaking waves when they bite into the surface. In order for that to happen we need them to be uneven and that the wave chop them crumble in producing endless reflections and losing energy. This scatters and lowers reverberation time of the space produce the best sound.

This explanation is what gives meaning to Poblenou diffuser; a formal and functional test such as a diffuser orthogonal to stay away from products on the market but at the same time is also modular. Our domestic spaces also have acoustic problems, but rarely find products that can be adapted acoustic homes.

For now made of wood tronçada different qualities, but also could be made of plastic thermoforming.




Material: Pine
Joints: glue
Finishes: Natural
Number of pieces: 360
Manufacturing proces: Tronzado y lijado
Weight: 12 Kg