Cabin in Camarles

In Delta del Ebro, in Camarles, there is a mountain, as they say there, that covers an area of nearly 4 acres and makes it an ideal place to have a cabin, built with wood and material we can locally buy. It is a multi-purpose cabin: you can sleep as well as having a play-room away from the main house. It has 12 m2 and has no bathroom nor kitchen, only a porch and a room.




It is designed to be a build-yourself cabin. It only needs wood, sheet metal and paint. The founding, made of concrete, must be heavy enough so it is not lost when the wind blows strongly and is also hidden to create the impression that the cabin is floating above the ground.

It has little energy sources: well water and no electricity. You have to go to the main house if you want power or water.

The aesthetics of the cabin does not fit the surroundings area. Its purpose is to be on a side, separated; it has a completely childish and naïve roof, and a finishing rarely used in the Mediterranean.

Its size is ideal to be lifted and carried to another place, without disassembling. We can simply move it with a boom truck.


Materials: wood and sheet metal.
Foundations: concrete
Area: 12 m2
Budget: 4500 Euro