Another way of understanding industrial design.

Product development and material design since 2015.

Design strategy

Emotion, design and innovation as a driving force for companies

We envisage a design strategy for the global concept of companies and their products. We help them to grow by outlining competitive advantages that increase the value of final products.

Industrial design

Design is key for getting pieces to fit.

We prepare a detailed design plan considering all aspects of your product. Functionality, technology, shape and user are key factors when defining innovative objects. We captivate with design and convince with solutions.

Product Development

We come up with ideas that cover real needs of the user, working on the functional and empathic aspect to create emotions.

We think on a new concept and the process to make it real in order to achieve a serial production.


We are a small industrial design and product development studio located in Barcelona. Engineering, creativity and innovation to create large projects for large companies from 2015. Our goal is to be a tool that combine functionality, technology and beauty to your products as a driving force for innovation.