Fita Chair

Nothing important to comment on Synera. It is a confident aluminum and plastic chair for contract and to be used without compassion. It has possibilities of colors and other materials, but their unions make it always maintain an elegant line that does not intervene too much in the space that surrounds it.

The idea was to go unnoticed but people only draw good conclusions from it. Probably because has a good ergonomics and multiple stackability.

The Synera project was designed for OKEN furniture company, but it disappeared with the crisis at the end of 2007. Now we re-present it as a project that has really proven to be timeless. It is waiting for an inverter.

Client: OKEN

Material: Aluminium and plastic

Joints: Screws and inserts

Finishes: Painted or polished

Number of pieces: 8

Manufacturing process: Plastic injection and aluminium extrusion

Volume: 4,4 liters

Weight: 6,2 Kilograms

Stackability: 9 units

Diseño industrial silla confidente