Medical Device Industrial Design


A catheter regulator is a small tabletop device that doctors use to advance, retract, or climb catheters at the time of a surgery. It is clamped to table surgical drapes of operating rooms.

This design for VB Devices has have high technical demands because it combines the grip with the cloth and the grip with the surgical instrument. In addition, its production needs to comply with medical standards, since it has contact with surgical instruments in the patient’s body.

Ergonomics and usability have been key to the development of this product with Enric Roche and his team.

Client: VBDevices

Year: 2020

Material: PP Repsol HPP40N

Joints: One-piece, singlematerial

Finish: Granulate R5

Manufacturing Process: Injection moulding of medical grade plastic

Volume: 21814,34 mm3

Weight: 22 gr.

Disseny Industrial Dispositiu Médic
Medical Deivce Industrial Design