Diseño industrial linterna emergencia


The LM200 flashlight is an exercise for students coursing the third year of product design projects at the Escola Superior de Disseny de Sabadell, ESDi. The idea is to explain the cycle from the sketch to the formalization in SolidWorks 3D to produce a presentation of a basic design to a prospective company.

The basis of the project is to create a rechargeable flashlight designed to be produced in injected plastic. Students had to look for a concept that enables its materialization. The use may vary and so may the target. At the end they produce a 3D print to which they give a realistic finish.

To emphasize the exercise, I have created my own idea: a flashlight for sport use but also for emergency use. Waterproof with powerful front lighting and a red pilot light; a concept similar to the classic Cegasa flashlight of the 80s. The ergonomic handle position allows you to walk with it.

Client: Self-project, ESDi

Year: 2020

Material: plastic

Joints: Thread and positioners

Finish: Painted, plated

Number of pieces: 17

Manufacturing processes: Plastic injection

Weight: 0.8 kg