Formica Chair

The formica chair was for decades the generalist chair in public and private places. Economical, very economical, and kind of inline with ergonomics and aesthetics. Over the years, plastic and other materials have gradually made this product distanced from the rest, leaving it as an old bar icon. To us it is the definition of chair we have in mind.

In MaTrencada we have only updated the Formica chair design, but not the manufacturing process. We have applied current standards of ergonomics, added curves, and most importantly made it stackable.

With an updated design, it is meant to be the perpetuation of our expected-to-go-beyond chair concept.

As accessories, we have designed two stools that could have been a set in the 70’s and 80’s, one for the table and another for the bar. And of course, the table.

Client: VanVanMarket

Year: 2020

Material: fórmica and steel

Joints: Riveted

Finish: Melamime

Number of pieces: 5

Manufacturing Process: Formica and tube bending

Stackability: up to 9 (yes!) units

Weight: 3,8 kg