Catheter Threader

In surgeries on catheterization, surgeons face often the problem of having to thread a catheter through a cannula. This is a complex situation as the size of the catheter should be comprised of between 0,4 ml and 0,8 ml and it has to go through this tube with minimal tolerances. This situation added to the operating theatre issue, may indeed make the surgery difficult.

In order to facilitate things, we have designed a device, together with Dr Roche from  Clínica Vascular Barcelona, ​​​​that threads catheters in a simple, quick and error-free way. It is a book-shaped gadget that inserts the catheter into the cannula so that they come into contact with each other to the exact position and makes threading easier.

Client: VBDevices

Year: 2017

Material: PP Repsol HPP40N

Finish: R5 Grain

Manufacturing processes: Plastic injection

Volume: 14814,34 mm3

Weight: 16 gr

When the device is closed, we first choose the diameter according to the type of catheter we are using. We insert both elements into the threader through the conical holes.

Afterwards, we push them so that it is one inside the other.

Once we make sure they are fit securely, with only one hand we open the device that looks like a hinge, to pull out the two connected elements.

The good thing is that you can remove the device without affecting the catheter and cannula union.

Technically, it is a simple piece of plastic with two plain moulds. This makes it an element easy to produce, a fundamental feature for a clinical product that has fallen into disuse.

This device considerably reduces the time for threading catheters and avoids that surgeons could be poked with catheters when threading.