Cutneedle is a medical device composed of a Seldinger puncture needle that has attached a device that allows the extension of the puncture holes through an easy, safe and accurate function.

Cutneedle is designed to favor the introduction of catheters without using the scalpel. Its design favors its subjection before and during vascular puncture; ensures the smooth and safe passage of any catheter.

Cutneedele is a project designed jointly with Enric Roche for VB Devices. Behind it is a careful work of checks and 3D prototyping to ensure the viability of the product. The result useful and benefits the interventions of catheterisations betting on simplicity and safety.

The manufacturing is done by two injection molds, one of which has the cavity to insert the needle that will then be inserted into the puncture.

Client: VB Devices

Year: 2018

Material: Aluminium and plastic

Number of pieces: 3

Manufacturing process: Plastic injection