Veta Chair

A chair made in oak or beech wood using glue only. It is stackable, ergonomic, economical and easy to build. The characteristics of Veta Chair are greater strength, simplicity and material feel. Actually, its shape and touch derive from the material we use. A high-quality finish in water-based matt varnish makes it smooth and comfortable. It is a simple and spontaneous chair for daily use.

In 2015 Veta chair won the 2nd prize Jordi Amat in Terrassa.

It is an economical product, easy to make and distribute. Each piece, except from the back and the seat, steams from the standard oak moulding made through reduction method, minimizing the waste material and making a more profitable production. Manufacture can entirely be built by CNC. Back and seat are either plywood or pressure treated timber. There is no waste material and its production is extremely economical. Assembly is simply done with glue.

Veta chair is stackable, so that is easy to store and carry, so stock and carrier costs to market it are very low.

Client: Self-Project

Year: 2015

Material: Oak or Beech

Joints: glue

Finishes: water-based matt varnish

Number of pieces: 13

Manufacturing process: reduction (11 pieces) and moulded wood (2 pieces: back and seat)

Volume: 7,27 l

Weight: 4,4 Kg

Stackability: 7 units