Industrial design and product development

Analysis of data and Research

We perform technical evaluations and product conceptual and usability observation in the user context and needs. The outcomes of market research and benchmarks lead us to conceptual, technical, usability, symbolical, cultural and socio-economic interpretations.

We identify behaviors, needs and perceptions of users and translate them into ideas regardless of the final product.

Our most formalized source of inspiration and ideas information is the user. We gather the initial research and data and produce a brief report defining objectives and posing a hypothesis of the future product to narrow proposals.

Conceptual Study

We define a set of parameters, interrogate the concept, and seek the answers to questions around brand fit in accordance to specific briefs. We take full responsibility for the project in order to meet demands and adapt the product to the company profile and the socio-cultural context. We pursue an objective differentiation from the product existing reference.

We generate ideas focusing on product visual appeal, functionality and usability understanding and anticipating real consumer behaviors and needs.

We deliver proposals of functional and appealing items on a preliminary design and build a CAD model or a 3D prototype as part of the final presentation.

We communicate with the client to have a common goal based on the briefing.


Concept Visualization and Materials Composing

We brainstorm ideas to develop a functional and technical prototype, selecting materials, processes and applied solutions, and defining production and construction details. Designers bring particular creative skills to the analysis of specific and general aspects of the future product.

We search references to identify technical problems and solutions. We carry out analysis of energy efficiency and sustainability issues.

We test actual viability of the project in terms of productivity and cost efficiency.

Our team performs modeling in solids and 3D surfaces for technical development and presents the final proposal in terms of appealing, and production, through CAD rendering or a functional prototype.

We coordinate with the technical department, if necessary, to make the most of internal and external client resources.


We perform virtual product representation and performing in order to assess usability and visual appeal.

Our team reviews the willingness the product has in order to communicate with users.

For pre-production and production phases, we produce technical specifications in as much detail as possible.

We produce graphic instructions based on 2D and 3D sketches and visual or technical virtual representations.

We perform technical parts or product presentations to help communicate the brand to customer, suppliers or retailers.

We provide 3D modeling: solid and surfaces; pieces and places.


Pre-production, production and marketing

We build initial prototypes and 3D detailed models that allow a proper understanding of the industrial design in context, identifying potential usability issues.

We prepare a brief for the project and agree prototype budgets and production schedules.

We design, follow-up and control series production, and analyze production viability, and help with molding, equipment and assembly. We define the strategy to streamline product development and focus on optimization to use standard materials, tolerance levels, production and assembly schedule and product displacement.

We test final product quality and check that the design is consistent with user needs and corporate strategy. The product is also tested with users making afterwards an assessment of the results.

We prepare patent documentation and provide consultancy on filing patent applications.

We prepare product catalogues.

We provide guidance and advice on product positioning process once the industrial design is done.


3D Modeling and printing

We offer services of 3D modeling in surfaces and solids of industrial design pieces because of the immediate printing in rapid prototyping in any equipment/technology.