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Màtrencada is a Barcelona-based studio with an integrating approach of product development and industrial design located in Poble Nou that offers a service ranging from the initial design phase to the final production. We think on conceptual and technical solutions so that a product can be manufactured.

Born out of a belief in becoming a distinguishing mark for companies that seek functional, efficient and appealing products, we visualize usefulness and design concepts, coordinating and managing all aspects present at the developing stages of a product and its final use.

Màtrencada studio has successfully collaborated with the creation of new designs and strategies for a wide range of products and companies. We specialize in sectors such as furniture, electrical appliances, consumer electronics, packaging, medical instruments, lightning, toys, mobility and interior facilities.

We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively understand the needs of the client to develop a good product design through a combination of a broad spectrum of working methods. We adapt our resources to multiple ways of work generating ideas which result in creative, competitive and technical solutions.

Màtrencada studio has been founded by Guiu Llusà, who got a bachelor's degree in Industrial design in 2001 and a university degree in 2012 from Escola Superior de Disseny. He started working in 2001 with Martín Azúa and in 2002 in 'Estudi Blanc guided by Pau Joan Vidal, Joan Antoni Blanc y Oriol Blanc. In 2005 he was part of the design team of Lluscà Design. Three years later he decided to become a freelancer leading several local design projects. From 2002 he has been a professor in the same Escola Superior de Disseny, ESDi teaching materials, drawing and projects subjects for product design students. Since 2002 collaborates with the band CaboSanRoque.


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